Do NOT tell me anything against Hermione Granger, I might just have to blast you in the face.

I guess the title explains it. Basically, today at Maths class, I somehow (I’m still not sure how, exactly. As far as I remember, I was, quite sincerely, solving problems from the exercise…) ended up in a conversation about popular book-fandoms. It was all going well, until the girl sitting next to me chirped out that she thought Hermione wasn’t a likeable character! I was simply staring at her, mouth open in shock, while she went on speaking about how she thought Hermione was so bossy and rude and (what?!) immature.

I’m sorry, but isn’t it her sensible bossiness that makes her so endearing? At least, that’s what I thought. And I don’t know if I’m extra-tolerant than others or something, but I have never found her rude. Not without reason. And — excuse me while I have a good laugh — Hermione, immature? On which universe does that happen, again? At this moment, my amazing friend tried to point out the S.P.E.W business, wherein I had to point it out to her that it was an instance of Hermione being sensitive to others’ pain and wanting to help them out. Yes, her usual insight about things and people might have been a bit clouded at that time, but it was her intentions that mattered, right? And as far as intentions go, Hermione Granger simply rules. And I’m not gonna hear anything against that. I’m not even gonna try to count the number of instances that she’s come forward to help other people, shown them kindness, stood up for them. Remember Neville? Remember how she supported and encouraged him all the time? Remember how she silently tried to help out Hagrid regarding Buckbeak? Remember the unwavering loyalty she showed to her best friend when the boy she loved turned his back on them? Remember all the countless other times? And still you expect me to listen to anything against her? Really?

You must be an idiot.

Which is why I take pity on you and give you an opportunity to save yourself from my unrelenting wrath, by means of this warning: Do NOT tell me anything against Hermione Granger, or I might just have to blast you in the face.



16 thoughts on “Do NOT tell me anything against Hermione Granger, I might just have to blast you in the face.

  1. I LOVE Hermione! Yes she was a little abrasive at the beginning of the first book. But that is just her outer shell. We got to know and love Hermione as Harry and Ron got to know and love Hermione. She is a fantastic character, and a powerful role model for girls.

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