A little bit about the crazy me…

Hello there! If you’re here, then that means:

You’re a perfectionist like me


You’re crazy like me


You’re a lover of words (a victim of logolepsy, that is) like me


You were directed here from some other blog that linked me (give my thanks to them!)

Whichever the case is, I’m just very happy that you’re here and here’s a warm hug from me!

Sooo… I suppose this is when I start spouting interesting things about myself?

Well, I’m just an ordinary teenage girl from India. 16 years old, with short black hair and specs. Most of the time you’ll find me either studying or doing homework, or reading a book, or surfing the net for interesting facts or words, or chatting excitedly with my friends using wild, animated gestures.

I love reading. Like, love it. Just mention a book in front of me and you have sucked me into a conversation, just like that. I’m also a complete fangirl. I rant and rant and rant and make people listen to it. For that reason, I can speak pretty fast when needed. πŸ˜›

I love Chemistry. And English. I can literally die for them. If I was creative enough, I think I’d even write poems on them.

I am a pretty random person. And also very moody. My moods have the extraordinary capacity to change in moments’ duration. So one moment you might find me blabbering happily about puppies and next moment I’m getting all teary-eyed over Ronan (if you haven’t heard that song yet, you need to go and listen to it NOW.)

I love music, by the way. Actually, that is an understatement. Music is an integral part of my life (or as integral as it can manage to be in my life of memorising biological terms and chemical equations at jet-plane speed). I myself love to sing and I used to take lessons too, although currently I’m not taking any (due to aforementioned life). I love listening to music, all kinds of it (well, except metal. I’m not really fond of that). And like the gajilion other teenage girls in my generation, I’m a fan of Taylor Swift. I also like Avril and Owl City and Carrie Underwood and Maroon 5 and Lady Antebellum. Although Taylor ranks a tiny bit higher than all of them…

Oh, my name is Bhramori, by the way. Nice to meet you!

P.S. Vanilla ice-cream rocks!

97 thoughts on “A little bit about the crazy me…

  1. Good Morning dear Bhramori, nice to meet you… You are so nice and have a wonderful blog. I think I am crazy one too… πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a beautiful comment. It would be exciting to follow you πŸ™‚ Have a nice day, love, nia


  2. Hi!
    So, during October, I want to celebrate reading. What I need is people (like you) who are interested in reading, to post on my blog either recommending a book, or saying why you love to read.
    If you’re interested, just email me πŸ™‚ And let me know if you have any other friends who might be interested!

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    • Umm, is this going to be too time-consuming? Because I’m going to have two sets of mock tests in October. My school exams are on, so by the time they’ll be finished, I hope to be somewhat better prepared for the tests as well, and I think I might be able to participate (I would love to, at any rate!). But still… if it’s gonna take too much time, then…

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  3. […] Blogger of the Year: I had such an incredibly hard time with this one, because I swear I love all the bloggers I meet. HowEVER, I think I will pick the person I usually like talking to, even though she’s taking a bit of a break (I still email her sometimes), and since I’m not doing any repeats, my choice is Bhramori from The Crazy Perfectionist. […]

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  4. Where have you been, Bhramori?? You seem like my sister from another mister. Fangirling is my full time job, my nose is always buried behind books, books and more books, and you’ll find that 9/10 of my conversations include jumping up and down or making wild gestures to explain what exactly I mean. Our music taste is pretty much the same amongst EVERYTHING else. This is insane πŸ˜€
    Although the understanding of chemistry seems to evade my brain capacity.
    LOL anywho. Glad I came across you, virtually ^_^

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  5. Oops forgot to say what I was actually here to say xD Your blog is AMAZING. The book suggestions, word for the day and everything else.
    Also, just listened to Ronan. Gosh I love it! You should totally listen to Luck by Colbie Cailat & Jason Mraz.

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