Flight flight flight!!!

Guys, I’m so nervous!!! On the 29th (that’s only 3 DAYS AWAY ohmygod), I’m gonna be boarding a flight — for the very first time in my life!!! (Yes, you got that right, I’ve never been on a plane before. Never.)

I’m thinking maybe I’ll feel queasy or throw up in the plane or something. That’d be so embarrassing. (Not to mention messy.) :/ Or maybe I’ll have a nosebleed because of the pressure change (I’ve heard that actually happens to people!) I hate nosebleeds! I mean, they seem like such a petty thing, but they’re like, a petty thing with BLOOD involved! Which I find to be very annoying — because are you even supposed to take them seriously or not?? Okay, I’m making no sense here. What I’m trying to say here, guys, is that I’m very, VERY nervous. I’m currently asking my friend random flight trivia questions via text, in an attempt to calm myself down (I’m not quite sure it isn’t having the very opposite effect, though). Anyway, do you have any suggestions? Advice? A list of Do’s and Don’t’s while in the airport, or during the flight, or while boarding, or landing? (I really love lists, by the way!) Please come up and share them! Or, even if you aren’t armed with a pamphlet of “Ways To Calm Down a Mad Girl About To Board a Flight for the First Time in Her Life”, please, just come and talk. That’d be sweet. And being sweet is always good help.

I better go before I start rambling nonsense again… but please, please, help me out! This poor girl is going nuts over here!


23 thoughts on “Flight flight flight!!!

  1. Calm down girl!! Who am I kidding, I haven’t boarded a plane in my life yet! But yeah… really don’t worry, you are my tough sister, you can totally nail this! ❤

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  2. You’ll be fine ahah. I get most nervous during take off and landing. If you have headphones just put them in, close your eyes, and grip the arm rest for a couple minutes. When you open them you’ll be in the sky (or on the ground). I’ve flown too many times to count. The more you freak out about it the worse you make it for yourself, it’s the safest form of travel. Being in a car is actually more dangerous so unless you’re throwing up in those too you will be fine.

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    • Nope, I’m neither carsick nor seasick, so I’m HOPING that I won’t be airsick, either. The headphones advice you gave sounds great — I’ll definitely keep it in mind, thanks! But I hope I don’t have to use them. I want to be able to keep my eyes open and watch my surroundings during takeoff or landing. It must be a pretty unique sight, right?


      • Yeah, the engines are really loud during then so it can seem kind of scary. I’ve flown since I was a baby and it still sketches me out. I have those noise cancelling headphones and it really helps. They don’t even need to be plugged in. Just as a buffer for the noises at first. I usually keep them closed for the first couple minutes but then open them after that to watch the city shrink. And the moment of landing I have them closed because it always makes me nervous.

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