So… The flight…

Remember the flight that I was talking about oh-so-excitedly in my last post? Here’s how it went, right from the journal that I was keeping on my phone… 😀

6.06 am – Left home. Eeeek! So excited!!
7.05 am – Reached airport (are all airports this huge??!)
8.20 am – Security check-in done. Just sitting and being all cool about everything (WHILE INTERNALLY SQUEALING ON THE INSIDE)
8.21 am – Well, what better to do than read my eARC? 😉
9.47 am – Plane is taking off!! Can’t wait to be in the air!!
9.48 am – Oh my gosh, the landscape looks just like a topography map from geography! Blocks of buildings, blue patches of water bodies, tiny green dots of trees… I feel like a bird. If I weren’t strapped to this miserable seatbelt, I would’ve totally spread out my arms and flapped them a bit. (Because I’m cool like that. 😉 )
9.50 am – The clouds are SO beautiful… and we’re completely surrounded by them… what a lovely thing. Sigh. 😍😍
10 am – Getting a bit bored. Think I’m gonna have to do something else other than just watching clouds (though they are still beautiful, of course).
10.15 am – Feeling a little sleepy here. Maybe I’ll just rest my eyes for a minute.
10.16 am – Just for a minute, of course…
10.18 am – zzzz….
11.34 am – Eeeeek!! Touchdown!!! 😀 😀

Okay, that probably makes it sound like I slept throughout the flight, which is absolutely not true! For one thing, there was a child aboard that kept throwing tantrums all the time, and wailed. And wailed. AND WAILED. On top of that, whenever I tried to read, the too-chatty passenger next to us kept barging in with humongous amounts of fast-paced speech. :/ I was like, “Duude, you NEED to know that you do NOT interrupt a BOOKWORM when she’s READING, unless you want to talk about MORE BOOKS. You just don’t.” But of course, I didn’t really say that to him. He was, after all, just trying to be polite. Or what he thought was being polite. He was clearly unaware of bookworm protocol. So I just smiled and pretended to be interested in his leather business.

That all changed, however, when he casually quoted Stephen King in passing. Of course, my ears automatically fine-tuned themselves. Turned out, he was a Stephen King fan! And would you believe it, he’s read every single book of Stephen King. 😮 I think he’s probably the only soul I’ve met till now who’s done that. I was like, “Duude, why didn’t you tell that to me BEFORE?? I would’ve paid so much more attention to whatever the hell you’d been saying till now!!!”

Of course, I didn’t say the last part out loud, but it was in my thoughts.

After that, the conversation got way more interesting. (Seriously, all that talk before about carcasses and dead skin had started to gross me out.) Of course, I would’ve preferred it if he was a full-fledged bookworm who read books, slept books, thought books, dreamt books — but he read Stephen King, and that was enough to make for a flight conversation. At least for me. 😛

So that was how it went. I was pretty thrilled, people! 😀


P.S. Oh, by the way, my Board exams start from the 8th of this month (I AM COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT HELP!!!) and after that I’ll be giving my Medical Entrance exams which will probably end sometime in May, so in the meantime if you see a lack of activity from my end, you know why. I won’t be commenting much, but I’ll definitely pop in to read and like stuff whenever I can! 😉


~The Crazy Perfectionist ❤


23 thoughts on “So… The flight…

  1. What an exciting flight! I love flying, although I’ve only done it a couple times. 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!!
    Also, are my emails going through? I keep sending emails to people and it says DRAFT, which makes me think it’s not working. Will you be my test subject? XD

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  2. I love flying so much (though I’ve only done it once or maybe twice (I think I flew when I was an infant once))! And this was such an exciting account to read, Bhramori! AND GOOD LUCK with your exams! I’m sure you’ll do great. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXAMS!! And congrats on surviving your flight with a chatty passenger. ;D Omg I would’ve died. XD I really don’t like it when people talk to me, like, period. hehehe, but worse when you’er reading a book! That is cool it turned out that he liked Stephan King though…although as a reader he should’ve still known not to interrupt right?! SOME PEOPLE. 😛

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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    • Thank you, Cait! Believe me, it is totally the WORST THING EVER to be disturbed when you’re reading. :/ And I know what you mean about him knowing not to interrupt — as a reader, he should’ve known that. Oh well. Like you said, SOME PEOPLE. XD


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