Word of the Day #49



2 thoughts on “Word of the Day #49

  1. That’s a bit odd. The word is made by two greek words, philos and phobia. Phobia means fear and philos means friend. The actuall meaning of the world based on the greek words is ‘afraid to have friends’ The extended meaning might be the one mentioned in your picture but if you go to Greece and say this word then literally you’ll be saying the one I’ve mentioned.
    Funny how words are being used in different countries.

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    • Really? Isn’t ‘philos’ supposed to mean affection? Between friends, or siblings, or even the man-and-woman type… I thought it was a generalised word. Are you from Greece?

      Oh, by the way, I’m really, really sorry for this EXTREMELY late reply. Your comment had accidentally landed up in my spam folder (and I hardly ever check my spam folder. 😛 )


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