Celebrating World Sarcasm Day…

No, it’s not really World Sarcasm Day. It’s just been that way for me. So I thought I’d make up a post containing all the sarcasm that Emperor Google had to offer.

WARNING: If you’re feeling depressed and are not quite fond of sarcasm, then please stop right there and don’t read on. I have no intention of making you feel more hurt than you already are. Hope your day gets better. Lots of love.

If you’re still reading this, then, well, Happy Sarcasm Day!

Let’s start with the definition, shall we?




And now to point out interesting illustrations…













And I can’t resist adding the classic sarcastic quote of all times…


And to the one person who made this day what it was, I know you’ll never even read this, but still, there’s something I’d like to tell you. *Voice dripping with sarcasm* You go, girl! (And please, don’t come back. Spare me your amazing life-ruining self.)

Thanks for making the day so unbearably bitter. Thanks for making me realise that I should never have let my walls down, should never have let you in. That I should have kept up my habit of not trusting people. Really, hope is a disastrous thing. So thanks for crushing down whatever I had left of it. And also, thanks for making me realise my mistakes. Gee, I really, really tend to get attached to the wrong people, don’t I?

I hope, someday, you become more concerned about being beautiful at heart than being beautiful in looks. Trust me, you’ll be happier that way. And, girl, no matter how much I hate you, you’ll always be… someone I care about. Someone I wish the best for — always have, always will. Because I’m not like you. I know just how to be a friend, and a loyal one at that. Just please do me a favour and never show me your face again. I’m not sure that I could keep myself from giving you a tight slap.



P.S. I’m sorry for that overdramatic monologue, guys. I ended up saying a whole lot more than I intended to, but somehow I can’t bring myself to delete the words. Sorry if I bored you.


25 thoughts on “Celebrating World Sarcasm Day…

    • Thanks 🙂 I’d supposed she couldn’t help what she did or how she turned out, which is why I still had some hope. All of which is now firmly gone. Like I said, hope is disastrous (although only when you use it for the wrong people). I feel quite a bit less bitter after doing the post, anyway. 🙂

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  1. You are an awsome person B! Remember that. There will be many people like this, you will meet in your every step, you just have to dodge them and pick up the right ones. So don’t be upset anymore, give me a big ‘ol smile, okay? Okay. ❤

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    • Aw, thanks di! ❤ (can I call you that? Please?) I'm giving you the big ol' smile now! 😀 Actually, you know what, right now when I'm remembering the entire day, I just feel like laughing. It's been such an emotionally taxing day, and I haven't felt so bitter and disappointed in a long time. And even though sarcasm is really my forte, I hit it real big today. But now, thinking of it all, a good laugh is all that comes out of me.
      Thanks again, you made me feel a whole lot better! ❤

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  2. Definitely. 🙂 While writing thst comment I indeed felt like a big sister advising her little sister. ❤
    I'm glad. 🙂 And I exactly understand your situation, I've been through that. All you can do is laught it off and forget about it, although some scars remain. But you've to move on right. That's how life rolls. :-*

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  3. :-O
    Oh Lord…
    😀 Bhramo, you go girl! (No sarcasm whatsoever!) Its such a pity the person you addressed this to won’t read this, or know its about her!!!
    There’s no point in telling you that you’re awesome, you know you are. It goes without saying. But when (not IF) you punch her in the face, add another punch, from my end please.
    And as for the trusting the wrong people thing, just TELL ME ABOUT IT…
    Btw, u going to scul tmrw???

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  4. I haven’t been on WP lately, so just now saw your post. I’m sympathetic; I completely understand. But if you want my opinion, you’re an amazing person and you shouldn’t let them get to you; you’re better than anyone who could ever hurt you like that. 😉 *sending you lots of love and hugs. yes, all the way to India* I hope you’re having a good day today!

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