17 Book Characters that I seriously wanted to slap, kick or kill…

I’m sure we all have had these experiences. Where we’ve come across book characters we just couldn’t stand and we hated them and what were they even doing in the books? Well, this list is for these characters. I hope you guys are up for a bit of ranting? πŸ˜‰

[Note: At least three of the characters mentioned in this post are common favourites among readers. I know that after seeing their names in the list, some of you will come after me with a frying pan, taking inspiration from Tangled. Just know that I’ve kept myself well-armed… even if it’s only with chocolates. Chocolates are great shooting weapons, in case you didn’t know…]

Countdown begins! πŸ˜€

17. Heini from The Morning Gift : This is probably the only Eva Ibbotson book character I’ve come across whom I simply wanted to swat away like a pesky fly. The idiotic moron with all his backward ideas…

16. Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings : I really loved Frodo and Sam’s friendship. But I also realised that Frodo could never match up to Sam’s loyalty. At least, not in my eyes. He was wise, he was responsible, a good person and all that is fine. But maybe he was a bit too wise for me. Gandalf being wise, I could take. But Frodo… he just annoyed me. Sam, though – he just knew how to be a great friend, which served enough for me. Wasn’t it basically his unwavering friendship and loyalty that made us love the books so much? And in Return of the Ring, I felt like it was mainly Sam who did most of the work; yet, it’s Frodo who gets all the limelight. Ugh.

Not to mention that he whined quite a lot, Frodo.

I can’t say that I hate him as much as I hate the other characters on the list; still, I’d definitely like to slap him once…

or twice…

for a minute…

all summer…


No, really, one tight slap would be enough. I just love that quote from HP and the Philosopher’s Stone too much to miss the opportunity to include it πŸ˜›

Sorry guys, I just wasted your awesome quote on Frodo Baggins!

15. Just about everyone from Wuthering Heights : To be honest, I never really got the point of this story. So many characters, such a twisted plot, but it all somehow ended in nothing. I know many people really love this story, but to me it was quite disappointing. I must confess, though: throughout the story, never once did I even consider putting the book down. I read it in one sitting (thankfully, because I’d definitely have messed up all the characters if I’d taken a break) and I was honestly quite engrossed, although I don’t know how, considering the fact that I hardly liked anything from the story. I suppose the credit goes to Emily BrontΓ«’s writing style… it was truly gripping.

Anyway, I guess everyone from the story (excepting Nelly and Lockwood – please tell me I got the names right..) gets an I’m-very-annoyed-that-you-exist slap from me. *slaps all of them* There, I hope you stop existing now. And if, by any chance, you ever manage to get hold of some hypnosis powers or something, please tell Emily BrontΓ« to go back in time and make some changes in her silly story. Thanks.

14. Miss Trunchbull and Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood from Matilda, Mr. and Mrs. Twit from The Twits, James’ two Aunts from James and the Giant Peachyou get the point, don’t you? Roald Dahl and his carefully crafted villains. Haven’t we all spent our childhood wanting to get rid of them somehow?

In fact, now that I’m trying to remember them all, I think I still hate them with the same old intensity that I used to…

roald_dahl_villains I hate you all…

13. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter : I know what you all are thinking. What kind of a mad, unfeeling human being must I be to hate Ron? But the truth is, I do (and I’m not a mad, unfeeling human being, really.)

Okay, so I don’t hate Ron, exactly — but I don’t love him either, like most other people do. He always seemed a bit insecure and he kept grumbling and it took him only so much to lose his trust on Harry. What’s more, he didn’t have trust in Hermione’s love for him, either! :/ The way he grew suspicious on her and Harry… how dare he? Just HOW DARE HE? X-( And the way he just walked away like that in Deathly Hallows? And the time during the Triwizard Tournament, when he thought that Harry had cheated to get his name in? Well, I’m sorry, but there’s only a limited number of times that I can forgive a character and move on, and Ronald Weasley crossed that number like a pro. There’s a reason he’s there on this list.

12. Daisy and Tom Buchanan from The Great Gatsby : It’s been a loong time since I read this book, so pardon my rusty memories. As far as I remember, Daisy was that typical rich spoilt girl whom I’d grown to hate. She seemed so frivolous, so… superficial. Most of the time, she was only concerned about her own luxury and status and well-being. No strength or depth in her character. Did she ever truly care for anyone in the whole book? I doubt it. As for Tom, well, he was quite the disgusting worm, wasn’t he? He himself could have an extra-marital affair, but went crazy when he thought Daisy was having one! What an unreasonable and utterly irritating moron. Thinking about him gets me thinking about the ending and that gets me uncontrollably furious. If I hate Daisy, then I absolutely HATE Tom.

Actually, now that I think about it, I hated every character from that book, (with the only exception being Gatsby, perhaps. And the narrator. I don’t remember his name, sorry). Daisy, Tom, George and Myrtle Wilson (George was such a spineless human, I honestly wanted to slap him every time I saw him. And Myrtle, well… the only reason I restrain myself from calling her spineless as well, is that I believe she had reason enough to be unhappy with her marriage. Still, I wish she would’ve been honourable, that would’ve made me sympathise with her. I didn’t even feel that sad when she died!)

11. Lydia Bennett from Pride and Prejudice : Ugh! This girl… I just really hate her. She kept flirting with, like, every boy she ever met! She was so silly, so frivolous, so haughty and arrogant and just overall annoying! I actually felt quite gratified when she ended up with that slimeball Wickham. *irritated face*

10. Thomas from The Legend Trilogy : (Okay, I’ve only read the the first book, so this opinion is only based on that. I’m not aware of any plot twist that might be there in the next two books and might change my opinion.)

Thomas reminded me of Caleb, only he disgusted me much more than Caleb ever did. The reason is simple — I never had a real high opinion about Caleb. I mean, sure, he seemed like a pretty cool guy and I was seriously angry when I found him out, and he is also linked to the ending of Allegiant (although I don’t really blame him for that). But Thomas… I had really expected more from him. He was Metias’ old friend, had been loyal to him, and in the beginning, he seemed like such a sweet person, being protective of June after she’d just lost her brother. But he just made all that come crashing down. I supposed it was necessary to remove him from the picture so that Day could take his place fully in June’s heart, but still, it was quite a shock. And a real nasty one at that.

I know most people have mainly been angered by Commander Jameson, but honestly, she was just another Jeanine (from Divergent) to me, only a crueller version. Whereas Jeanine had seemed to me a human with machinelike precision and accuracy, the Commander seemed more like a machine covered by a human facade. Still, I never expected anything good from that character, so it wasn’t that big a shock.

9. Greg (what’s-his-name) from Love, Rosie : You big fat cheat! You liar, you bastard, you filthy insect! You cheated on Rosie twice! Twice! She TRUSTED you, even after you broke her heart once, she. trusted. you! And what did you do? You broke her heart, again! And you just had to take twelve whole years to return Alex’s letter to Rosie? Really? Really??! I just wish I could punch you in the face, Greg. Over and over again.

8. President Snow from The Hunger Games : How many times have I wanted to slap you, kick you, break your teeth, crack your skull, claw out that sickening brain of yours, traumatize you, make you choke on nightlock? If I felt disgusted every time I saw a rose, a whole two weeks after finishing Mockingjay, you are the only reason behind it, President Snow.

Don’t look so surprised, President Snow. If Katniss hadn’t killed you, then I would definitely have.

7. Clary from The Mortal Instruments : Well, girl, it took me about three-and-a-half books of the series to finally get around to liking you. And just when I thought I’d made up my mind, you decided to get me annoyed. Again. And this time, I wasn’t just annoyed, you made me furious. After the fate you left Jace to live in (I’m talking about City of Lost Souls here), I simply hated you. For your love, for your own selfish love, you subjected him to a punishment which might just have made him die of guilt. You were just… ugh. Like I said, I hated you.

But at least you realised your mistake. You knew you had done wrong, and you made up for it in the end. That made me a teeny bit proud of you.

Just a teeny bit.

(I am yet to read City of Heavenly Fire, so whatever I just said was my opinion based on the first five books. Also, I don’t really hate her now. The ending of City of Lost Souls kinda neutralised me)

6. Lord Henry from The Picture of Dorian Grey : I hate him with all my heart. He made Dorian lose his innocence, made him greedy of his own beauty, turned him into the monster he became. I know he had no direct part to play in whatever Dorian did after turning evil… yes, all that was Dorian’s own doing. But indirectly, he was responsible for it ALL. And for that, I can never forgive him. Never.

5. Octavian from Heroes of Olympus : Oh gods, how I wanted to strangle you, Octavian! I wanted to stuff all your teddy bears right down your throat! You basically did everything that could be done to worsen the situation between the Greeks and the Romans, to make the war more difficult — and only because of your stupid prophetic vision of becoming a saviour! I was so damn annoyed with you, I don’t know how many times I murdered you mentally! I swear, almost every problem that I came across in the book, if it didn’t seem major enough to be caused by Gaia, my first thought would always be: Octavian. No, not even the giants, but you. Now you understand how much I loathed you, you disgusting person?

4. Nate from The Infernal Devices : I abhor you, you foul, loathsome creature! From the moment you entered the story, I found you to be quite annoying. You didn’t have anything admirable in you, you were a spoilt child, a greedy person who indulged in gambling. I didn’t mind when Tessa defended you from Will or anyone else, but I swear, whenever she thought about that “Nate’s an angel” theory that her aunt had taught her (and I hate the aunt for teaching her that), I was pissed out of my mind. And afterwards, what you did… I just wanted to spit on you, honestly. Jem was right, it’s hard to believe you to be Tessa’s brother, your actions are so very different. TESSA IS A HUNDRED TIMES NOBLER THAN YOU (just had to make that clear).

3. Bella from The Twilight Saga : I have a task for you, Bella. Just stand on your own feet for two minutes, without relying on Edward for help! Is it that difficult a thing to do? Why don’t you just hire him as your personal assistant instead of making him your lover? That would make things so much easier! He could even watch over you while you were asleep! Oh wait, he already does that, doesn’t he?

Not to mention that whole stupid thing with Jacob. Oh-I-love-him-but-it-can-never-compare-to-my-love-for-Edward-because-that-is-just-the-ultimate-love-ever! Talk about silly, out of the blue realisations with no reason behind them. Ugh.

And yet you manage to get straight A’s in school. Did you ever quit thinking about Edward for a minute and get some homework done? I seriously doubt it.

2. Anastasia Steele from the Fifty Shades trilogy : Oh, and here’s presenting Bella number Two! Only just a more idiotic and more spineless version (yes, it’s possible. E. L. James has proved it.) You know what, Ana, the main reason I’m unable to feel anything strongly for the Fifty Shades trilogy (or series, as I should call it. There’s a fourth book to it now…) is you. I keep wondering about the chances of the existence of such a dumb person in the real world… (and I was actually pretty convinced that it was impossible, but there’s this girl in our class… after meeting her, I’m convinced that anything is possible. Really.)

And I really hate that your surname is a homonym of ‘steel’, which represents strength, which you so abundantly seem to lack in your character…

1. Bellatix Lestrange, Dolores Umbridge, Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy (and others) from Harry Potter : Guess who made it to the top of the list? All the characters we so dearly love to hate! I’m sure this one requires no explanations, does it? πŸ˜‰

By the way, who do you think is worse — Bellatrix or Umbridge? Personally, I find Umbridge much more disgusting, but I’d love to know your opinions as well! πŸ˜‰

So those were the 17 characters that I love to hate. Do you hate them as well, or do you disagree with some of the choices? Did I forget anyone? Do let me know!



P.S. I know I didn’t mention some favourite villains like Voldemort (HP) and Kronos and Gaia (Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus), but it’s because I never hated them as such. Voldemort was simply a very well-crafted villain who was there and much needed for the story. I mean, what’s a story without a villain, right? And Kronos and Gaia, to be honest, never seemed bad enough for me to hate them. Sorry. πŸ˜› And I know I probably should’ve mentioned Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments, but I… kind of developed an insta-love for him, that never really got away. And this list is about characters I would seriously like to hurt, so I couldn’t really include him here. *sheepish grin*

P.P.S. Don’t forget my chocolate armoury before you come with your frying pans!

P.P.P.S. Okay, okay, not trying to annoy you guys anymore. πŸ˜› Bye-bye!


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  1. I agree with you on so many points here!! Oh, loved the head-cutting gif! πŸ˜› That was perfect! And I totally melted at that picture of Damon…once again.

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