Why not Twitter-light??

I just found out that the word ‘twilight’ was also called ‘twitter-light’ in the 1600s. That got me thinking, why couldn’t the Twilight Saga have been named the Twitter-light Saga? That would’ve made things so much easier!

I love love love the word twilight. But thanks to Stephenie Meyer, every time I hear the word now, I am reminded of that stupid series with those stupid characters that I hate, making stupid decisions in their life. There was a time when ‘twilight’ made me think only of twilight and its beauty, and just the overall beauty of the word itself. Now that one capitalisation of the ‘t’ has changed everything.

Now, if the series was called the Twitter-light Saga, it would not have affected my peace of mind so, would it? I would be happy with my beautiful word, and Stephenie Meyer with her *insert adjective here* story. (I’m trying for diplomatic here. Do you think the second line of the previous paragraph might already have ruined it?). Also, she might have earned a bit more credit too, considering that ‘Twitter-light’ would actually hint at the silliness of the story (unlike ‘Twilight’), serving as a much more appropriate title than ‘Twilight’ ever could. Who knows, she might even have developed it into a comedy series? Just a few more humour elements, a bit more of that ridiculous craziness that the books abound in, and she’d be good to go.

Dreaming of all the possibilities and marvelling at the beauty of twilight (with the small ‘t’)…



8 thoughts on “Why not Twitter-light??

  1. Ohmygod, I agree! Twilight is such a gorgeous word (and time), and the fact that it has been used for the heap of rubbish that people call books is heart shattering.

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  2. Twilight is a beautiful word… but now I’m sorta’ stuck on twitter-light. I don’t think it should be used to describe twilight and that time, though; I think it should describe a clear summer morning when the sky is a beautiful bright, bright blue and the birds are, well, tweeting! You know, updating their soc. meets., homeslice. (Wow, am I stupid.)

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