Just another crazy poem…

Dry throat, parched lips
Sure to crack under the sun
Really, Sun, just go away
How much will you burn?

Water, welcome, have a slide
My throat’s dying without you
You should be a permanent guest
Didn’t my love letter reach you?

The earth’s been glaring badly at me
I’m not sure what I’ve done
Looks like it wants to swallow me up
God, that doesn’t really sound fun

Or maybe you could give it a try
Yes, Earth, I’m talking to you
If it’s cooler down there, as I think it is,
I’d love to live with you

There, there, Sky, don’t be hurt
The Earth will always love you
I was just thinking of a vacation
A month, or maybe two?

I could calm her down, you know
Stop her Dance of Death
Nepal’s almost wiped out now
Or have you forgotten that?

Your eyes darken —
Oh, is that thunder I hear?
But if those storm clouds are here to rain
Really, I have no fear

NO! The clouds dissipate,
heating up everything again
Now I’m punching you in the face, Sun
How come you don’t feel the pain?

Sigh, guess there’s nothing I can do
Nothing to have my way
But rain, if you’re listening to me,
Please come right away.

You’re my favourite thing in this world
I love you and will always do
Everyone here is in despair
We’re all calling out for you

Coz that’s what I’m dying for —
The raindrops against my face
Making everything right again,
Even as the pain leaves behind a trace…

A hot summer day, an irritated girl, a random never-stopping mind…. this is what you get 😉

What did you guys think of it?


30 thoughts on “Just another crazy poem…

  1. Wow… arhm.. I mean this is pretty awsomeeee! ❤
    And yeah being in the same city as you I can totally relate the condition, but thankfully it rained a little just now…

    Liked by 1 person

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