The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Thank you so much abOOkishOwl and then Sripurna and then shriyabeesam and then Amy for nominating me! Friends, if any of you haven’t checked out their blogs yet, I highly recommend you do, because they’re all awesome!

(Gosh, this post is super-late! 😛 )


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  2. Put the Award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Nominate ten blogs.

abOOkishOwl’s Questions:

1. What time of the day do you spend most time reading?

At night. Because if my mom ever caught me reading books during the day, I’d be dead meat. And I’m not even joking on this. My life is just… *sigh*

2. Where is your favourite reading spot?

Depends on the book, really. If I’m reading mystery/thrillers/horror, I like to sit upright on a chair, senses on the alert. If I’m reading something romantic, I’d definitely prefer snuggling up on my bed, with a bunch of pillows surrounding me on every side.

3. What book are willing to sacrifice? (THROW:___ BURN:___ DROWN:___)

Throw? Drown?! BURN??! 😮

I can’t do that to any of my books!!!

4. What genre do you refuse to read and will never ever read?

Uh, I don’t really have anything like that. There was a time when I stayed away from erotica… now that’s gone. I’m still very choosy regarding it, though…

Also, paranormal romance. I’m very choosy on it, because it just creeps me out. But it’s not like I refuse to read it.

5. What book made you want to visit the place or country where it was set?

Yes, you guessed it right. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I so want to go visit France now! ❤

6. What was the book that made you believe you wouldn’t like it but you actually did?

I honestly didn’t believe I’d ever like this book, but then… You never really understand a book until you consider things from its point of view, right? 😉

7. Is there any not-so-bookish thing on your bookshelf? What is it?

Uh.. I’ve got a couple of show-piece thingies and a picture of my dad…

8. If you were to choose a dystopian world to live in for one week, what world would you choose?

I’m pretty sure you all think I’m crazy for saying this, but I’d love to live in the world of the Divergent series. In both the settings – inside and outside the city. I can’t really explain why I want to live there… maybe it’s just because everything there seemed so organised to me…

I’m not mad, I swear!

9. If you woke up one day in a body of an author? Which author would you want to be and what would you do?

J. K. Rowling. I’d take a sneak peek inside my (her) mind and find out how exactly I (she) manage(s) to write in that perfect, beautiful, wholesome manner. ❤

10. What is important to you in a book? (plot, writing, character…etc)

All three are equally important. But if I had to choose, I’d say the plot is what matters most to me. I just can’t stand a weak plot. And if a weak plot has great characters, that just gets me more frustrated – like how can the author make a waste of good characters like that? And if the characters are also bad, then it’s simple – book, I hate you!

Sripurna’s Questions:

1. What’s your favourite word?

I keep posting a favourite one everyday, and you expect me to list just one?

Still, if you insist… right now I have two favourites… caraphernelia and petrichor.

tumblr_mpljlmdKui1ql4i5yo1_500 Capture

2. What’s your favourite subject in school? (Just curious :-P)

English and Chemistry. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

3.  Romance novels or action-packed thrillers?

Uh.. can’t I just have a mixture of both? 😀 Sorry, but too much of either one gets me losing interest…

4. Music or sports?

Music all the way! I love music, I don’t think I can live without it ❤ And I’m really not into sports…

5. Who’s your favourite person?? (You can name multiple people..)

Right now it’s Jace from TMI 😉

6. (Cliche question) Which book character would you like to meet and why?

Um, that would be every character from every book that I’ve ever read. To slap or kick or hug or kiss or, I don’t know, shoot with a gun? *smiles innocently*

But right now (after Jace, of course) I really really want to meet June and Day from Legend. I love them both to death! ❤

Oh, and Isabelle from TMI. She. is. just. so. awesome!

7. What’s your favourite colour, and why?

That’s easy. White. Because it’s so pure and innocent. And it portrays peace; yet it also portrays death and grief (at least in my religion it does). It’s as if the colour quietly bears everything, without ever losing its purity. Nobody even notices it because it’s so… plain, yet it always maintains its goodwill (you’d never be able to associate white with aggression or revenge). It makes me feel like no amount of grief can take away who you really are. It’s really beautiful to think about…

8. What co-curricular activity are you really good at? Or, better phrased, what’s your best talent?

Apart from my academics, my biggest talent would be singing.

9. One book you hate to admit that you liked.

Meh. I don’t have any book like that. Either I hate a book or I love it or maybe it’s something in between, but whatever I think on it, I pride in my thoughts! If I like a book, then there’s nothing that could make me hate to admit that.

10. Your favourite food.

You all probably know this by now…


Yummy-licious, aren’t they? ❤

shriyabeesam’s Questions:

1. Who is your favourite book villain? Why?

Jeanine from the Divergent series. Again, I know what you all are thinking – this girl is absolutely mad! But it’s not like that. I guess I always saw Jeanine in a different light altogether… no matter what she did, it was extremely well-planned and well-executed. All the time. She hardly ever lost composure. She was a real genius. And no matter what she did, she had excellent leadership abilities, you have to give her that. Throughout the rebellion, I couldn’t help but admire her sense of organisation. She just had a wrong conception of what should be done and what shouldn’t, and for that I feel sorry for her…

I really should stop before you all begin to think that I’ve completely lost my mind…

2. What is the novel at the top of your current TBR? Why?

After finishing The Mortal Instruments and the Legend trilogy, I’m going to move on to The Selection series and The Infernal Devices. The former because all the hype is getting me curious and the latter because TMI is getting me curious.

3. If you could only pick one fictional boyfriend (I know, hard), who would it be and why?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jace Wayland from TMI. ❤


1. He’s perfect. Perrr-fect. Like, in every sense of the word. Seriously, he’s just perfect. *swoon*

2. I love him. ❤ ❤ ❤

3. He’s perfect and I love him, what else do you want?

4. What is your favourite song lyric?

Check out my top 30 songs here, I can’t choose!

5. What is your biggest OTP from a novel?

It’s really hard to choose, but my two biggest ships will always be Percabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Elizabeth-Darcy from (obviously) Pride and Prejudice. Right now, there’s also June-Day from the Legend trilogy ❤

6. What is your favourite movie this year?

Apart from Frozen (which is now my favourite Disney movie), it’s Grave of the Fireflies. That movie’s got a heart-wrenchingly beautiful story with it, and I strongly suggest that you ALL watch it!

7. What is your favourite book series and why?

Again, you all must know this by now…

I hope you don’t seriously expect me to explain why.

Because it’s Harry Potter, duh.

8. If you could meet a book character that you hate and could knock some sense into, who would it be? What would you tell them?


…the dumbest heroine of all times! Yes, you got it right, that’s Anastasia Steele from The Fifty Shades of Grey. Words cannot describe how much I hate her. At least Christian had some character development (even though it seemed too ridiculous to me) throughout the series, but she had absolutely none of it! I don’t know, maybe the Goddess of Dumbness realised that she’d have nowhere else to live if Ana’s mind underwent improvement? I remember there was something in the book about her inner goddess jumping up and down with pom-poms (I’m not making this up, it was really there) so I’m sure we can pretty well understand how mature her ‘inner goddess’ really is…

More reasons to hate Anastasia Steele:

  • She calls herself a feminist; yet she can’t stay away from the guy she just broke up with (who’s a total control freak, by the way) and for what? Sex? Seriously, girl, you’re just pathetic! Does the word ‘self-respect’ even exist in your dictionary?
  • She’s supposed to love literature? Where in the books do we ever see her reading something? Or engaging her mind in any topic other than her oh-so-desirable Christian Grey?
  • Oh, and she doesn’t even have an email address! And she’s a 21-year-old college student?!! How stupid. How. incredibly. STUPID.

I never thought I’d come across a character who would seem even more pathetic to me than our beloved Bella Swan, but Ana, you totally get the prize for this one…

I think that also pretty much summed up the ‘what I’d tell her if I met her’ part, didn’t it? 😛

9. Which author’s writing style do you like the best?

To be honest, every writer has a unique writing style that appeals to me in its own way and I don’t know how to choose among them. But I really like Rick Riordan’s writing style, the way he can make everything sound so interesting. And Stephen King… the way he can just bring out the entire scenario alive in front of your eyes, making you feel everything like it’s happening to you. Oh, and Agatha Christie! Where would I be without Hercule Poirot? And Cecelia Ahern too! I can’t miss her out! And I absolutely must mention George Orwell and Bernard Shaw… I love their works…

Like I said, I really don’t know how to choose. Anyone willing to offer me a seven-days course to help me learn that skill?

10. Where is your most comfortable reading spot?

I already answered this for abOOkishOwl’s question no. 2

Amy’s Questions:

1. Who are your biggest influences?

Apart from my parents, it’d be my uncle. And Professor McGonagall and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter.

2. What does your favourite outfit consist of? (Post a pic, I dare you)

Probably something along the lines of…


3. Favourite thing about yourself?

My ability to be completely random. If you want evidence, you can go see this post.

4. Something you can’t stand in other people?

When they talk about something they have no idea about, but they pretend to know everything about it. It irks me to no end!

5. Favourite TV shows?

I’m not much into TV shows… I used to watch Big Bang Theory. Now I sometimes watch Suhaani Si Ek Ladki. It’s a Hindi serial about two girls – one of them very beautiful, the other one not so much. The story’s mainly based on their strong friendship and how their lives turn out…

6. What’s on your phone case? (If you have one…)

I don’t have one.

7. Favourite school subjects?

I already said this. English and Chemistry.

8. Biggest ambition?

From my childhood, I’ve always wanted to become either a doctor or a singer. I realise that rising as a singer in my country is probably not going to happen for me, but I’m working my way towards the medical examinations…

9. Favourite books?

Amy, you cruel person, asking me this question! How on earth am I to answer this?!

Ahem, okaaay, so… let’s… begin?


and the last two ones, which I haven’t finished yet but I’m definitely enjoying…


Standalones (dear me, how am I even going to choose here?)










there are waayy too many left and I’m waayy too tired, so moving on…

10. Who would play you in the film of your life? (So cliché, it’s killing me)

Okay, I’m a bit confused here. Should I name someone who’s had a life similar to mine or should I name someone whom I just want to portray my life as an actress?

I think I’ll go with the second option.

So that’ll be either Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence.


My Questions:

1. What’s your favourite eye colour?

2. Any peculiar reading habits?

3. Favourite festival?

4. Earliest childhood memory?

5. A book you keep recommending you everyone you meet?

6. Your biggest fear?

7. Anything that you would like to change about yourself?

8. Your favourite types of fictional males?

9. First book you remember reading?

10. Your favourite character names?

My Nominees:






nerdybirdy@Daydreaming books





I’m aware that most of you have already been nominated, but it’d be really wonderful to know your answers to the questions I asked! And abOOkishOwl, Sripurna, shriyabeesam and Amy@cl0udbusting, I know you guys nominated me, but I’d love to know your answers as well, so I’m nominating you back! 😀

Love you all! ❤



59 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading your answers – on that note, PLEASE tell me that you have no read City of Heavenly Fire yet! Because as amazing as it is, IT CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE INFERNAL DEVICES!! Don’t do it to yourself – I’m begging you.

    Also, thanks for the nomination! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha loved your answers, and agreed with a lot of them too! ❤ And I can't wait for your to read The Infernal Devices. I personally think it's a bit better than TMI, but I love both series. 🙂 As for The Selection, I enjoyed that series as well, and I hope you do too! Thank you for the nomination!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved reading your answers! And thaaaaanks for the nomination girl! ❤ I have quite a few tags and awards to do, but I promise I will get to them as soon as my exams finish!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG! I have the same answer in mind with my question no. 5! like after reading about it, i instantly added it on my bucket list ❤ we could go together hahahaha also, my mom actually gets all so strict when she catches me reading at night but i still do. haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeess! And we’ll both find an Etienne for ourselves!! ❤ Also, while we're there, can we also go visit Belgium? I'd finally get to have some Belgian chocolate! 😀
      Haha, my mom is a heavy sleeper and she goes to bed early. Me, on the other hand… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Some of the books that you chose as your favorites are books that I also love. Though I will admit my attempt at reading Beloved was a fail. Maybe it’s just me, but I had a hard time with the book so I ended up not finishing it.

    I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey (and most likely won’t) but you gave me enough reasons to never actually read it all. I personally found Bella annoying so if there’s a worst character than her then you’ve got me convinced. It kind of makes me laugh and kind of bemused at the fact that Anastasia has no email address! E.L. James has failed as an author writing a character like Anastasia.

    Loved reading your answers and thanks again for the nomination! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beloved is a bit difficult to get through, I agree. But its one of those realistic books where you have to just go on reading until you finish it, and then you’ll realise just what an excellent book you read. ❤
      Yes, I ended up ranting a bit there, didn't I? 😛 I couldn't help it, she's just so dumb and unrealistic that half of the time I was either shouting at her to get some sense and the other half I felt like slapping her on the face. I'm glad that I convinced you not to give it a read, because believe me, it's not worth it. The author… I'm not even going to say anything about the author. Some people have even started calling her the Queen of Erotica. Makes me want to snort. They should go read Bang by E. K. Blair and then come speak.
      Glad you liked the post! 🙂 And you're welcome, I really like your blog so it was natural I'd nominate you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t get the success of Fifty Shades. There’s people who praise it (don’t know what there is to be praised about) when the book is so badly written. I will admit that I read an excerpt of the first book and I was not impressed.

        Liked by 1 person

        • People like it because the book seems to give them ‘the feels’. I can only suppose that they haven’t read the better ones…
          The second book was a teeny bit better, though. We get to finally understand the reason behind Christian’s freakiness. He becomes softer afterwards, and says some pretty romantic dialogues, but still… like I said in the post, it all seemed too ridiculous to be believable.


  6. Perfection in a post, much? I really, really think we’d get along very, very well. I agree one-hundred percent with almost everything you said. (Purple, coral, mint-green and now white are my favorite colors.) I loved what you said what white. It was beautiful and true. And… instead of Jace Wayland (what a cocky little butt), I have no question in my mind that Zeke Crosse is the only boy in the entire world for me. (If you haven’t read The Blood of Eden series, please drop whatever you’re because it obviously isn’t as important and start reading!!!) He is perfection. Per-fect-shun!!!!!!!!!!! I will marry him, I swear!!!! I also swear that I’m not crazy!!!!! Or do I?

    Liked by 1 person

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