Word of the Day #8


I know many of you must already know this word, but it’s one of my favourites so I thought I’d share… ❤


4 thoughts on “Word of the Day #8

  1. I love your blog! So neat, original, and fabtastic! (Wow, I totally just sounded like a fake, valley-girl type person. Please believe me when I assure you that I’m not.) I was literally staring at your background picture for like, five minutes. 🙂 I really love your word-of-the-day feature! Stay “fabtastic.” Hehe.

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    • Awww thank you SO much, it really means a lot! ❤ And, well, my background image is randomised from some select pictures, so I don't know whether you'll be as impressed when you visit next time…
      I'll try and stay as ‘fabtastic’ as I can, thank you! 😉

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    • I know, I saw that post 🙂 … it really is a very beautiful word ❤
      Oh, you just reminded me, I STILL haven't done my Sisterhood of World Bloggers post! I really need to hurry up on that!


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