Maths Class Rebellion #1


I love Maths. I really do. After English and Chemistry, it’s probably my favourite subject in the world. But the teacher who teaches it at my school is a total failure at her job. I mean, I’ve had teachers who’ve made me fall in love with subjects I didn’t even like that much! But this ma’am… it’s like she’s determined to make me hate a subject I love! :/ Which, naturally, pisses me off to no end. Not to mention her voice. Her. impossibly. annoying. voice. Ugh.

So, being the naturally rebellious person I am, I came up with a solution a few weeks back – a Maths class rebellion! 😀 In which I won’t be paying any attention in her classes. Of course, I’ll be updating my exercise copies, but that’ll be at home, when I’ll actually be practising Maths. At home, not at school.

Meanwhile during class hours, I planned to do something which tops my ‘Favourite things to do when I’m bored’ list. Something I’m actually quite good at. Writing random nonsense. 😛

So this is how my first Maths class rebellion went: (I’ll be omitting some parts because they’re written in Bengali and will lose their fun if translated.)

[The parts in italics have been added by me. They’ll help you understand better. Also, the lines within double quotes indicate words spoken by our dearest horrible teacher.]

She should just shut up.

“It is understood by all of us.”

Really? Does ‘all of us’ only include u, then?

“Perpendicular to this line.”

Ma’am, why don’t you change your voice?

Hunter Hayes has such a brilliant voice…

“Now, number 9.”

Which I’m not gonna do.

“Right, put it in the standard form, and multiply and divide by 4 throughout.”

I love Four.


No no no.

Allegiant is a very very very bad book.

I’m never ever ever gonna read it again.

“All the x should be changed to y, and all the y changed to x.”


Rosie and Alex hated double periods. (‘Love Rosie’ reference there)

I totally empathise with them.

“Please do not talk.”

I will talk.

I know, I’m a very kind person.


I still hate her voice.

Ditsa agrees. (Ditsa is one of my besties at school. She totally crazy. Nuts. Gone case.)

She just made a dumb Maths joke.

Ma’am, not Ditsa.

We still have ‘Physics Lab’ written on our classroom door.

Which means we’re basically staying at the Physics lab.

How cool is that?

That was sarcastic, btw… I really hate Physics.

Apparently, there is only one thing which our dear ma’am doesn’t understand.

Why everyone keeps laughing in her class.

Ok, 30 mins left for the class to end.

30 is an even number. :/ (I’m not that fond of even numbers, they just seem too plain and boring. Odd numbers are so much more interesting, don’t you think?)

But 3+0=3.

At least 3 is an odd number. 😀

Uh, can we have an earthquake now? (We actually have been having quite a few earthquakes in our area lately. The day this was written was about 3 days after we’d had the first one. I swear, at that moment, everyone in the class was praying for another earthquake, just to get rid of the ongoing Maths class.)

Ditsa’s constantly poking me in the back.

What is it, Ditsa?

She says she finds it funny. (Weird girl)

I just realised, the parabola in my copy looks a bit like a telephone cord at one end. It’s all curly there…

Actually, telephone cords would look cooler if they were more colourfully painted.

Imagine green, blue, orange, yellow, red… (*insert infinite no. of colours here*) telephone cords all over the world.

Cool, right?


Ok, then…

I don’t particularly like fractions.

Decimal points are so much classier.

Although fractions are more convenient for calculations.

Alright, so she’s reading out our first-term syllabus now.

‘Syllabus’ is actually a pretty nice-sounding word.

Only its meaning has nothing nice about it. At all.

Why do all nice things have to have a twist like that?

It’s not fair.

My fair lady.

Now that is one beautiful phrase.

The word ‘beautiful’ actually sounds very beautiful.

And ‘elegant’ sounds so elegant.

Class over.


So that was my first Maths class rebellion! This is actually giving me a lot of satisfaction, to be honest. *grins*

Anyway, tell me what you guys think about it! Should I keep posting the future ones?



19 thoughts on “Maths Class Rebellion #1

    • Glad you found them enjoyable! 😀 Right now we’re having our summer holidays, which means no maths classes right now, which means these are on temporary hiatus. But I’ve got 2 more of these written, I think, that I wrote before our holidays started. Maybe I’ll post them, then… 🙂

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  1. I was grinning throughout your post! I’d love to do exactly what you’re doing in Math class but God I can’t. I hate Math. (Don’t shoot me!) Know what, I should definitely do what you do since I don’t understand anything whether I pay attention or not. But then again, I’ll feel guilty of not even trying to understand. Or no maybe I should do just that. Or maybe not. And the funny part is, my teacher’s voice is beyond annoying too! I can’t stand it, especially when she starts shouting/explaining, you really wouldn’t be able to make out the difference if you were in my class!

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    • Haha, I loved your comment! 😀 Believe me, even I don’t understand anything she says in class… and as I said, I’m actually a person who loves the subject. So you can imagine exactly HOW bad she teaches…
      I totally understand the annoying voice thing! Did I mention I hate her voice? I think I did. Never mind, I’ll just say it again. I HATE her voice.
      Maybe you should try doing it. I understand your dilemma… initially when I wanted to stop paying attention in her class, even I felt guilty. If I’m finally doing this, it’s only because I’ve been tolerating her and her torturous class for THREE WHOLE YEARS and I’m honestly fed up. Also, it’s our last year of school (*sniff sniff*), so I really wanted to do something, anything, as a means of protest. I know it’s too feeble to be called that, but hey, at least it’s satisfying! 😀


      • I’m doing Math right now since my exams are just a week away, instead of focusing I’m just blabbering about how people should first know how to teach THEN become teachers, I mean if you can’t deliver the message and if all you do is doodle some numbers on the board and scream then I really don’t see how’s that teaching. GAAAAH THIS PISSES ME OFFFF. And I’ll be honest enough to say that while math could just be my weakness, it’s still the teacher’s fault because how am I supposed to do something when I’m not taught how to do it properly? Last year I’ve had a funny Chemistry teacher, she’d write the topic on the board and goes like, “Everyone try to do this,” oh for God’s sake how am I supposed to do something I know nothing about? And what makes me laugh even more is that last year was our first year in Chemistry, I would understand if she’d done that in our second year of Chem but God!
        Sigh, I’ve ranted far too much, laughing. And I’m happy that’s it’s your last year! I’ve one more year to go then it’s time to scream FREEDOM. 😂

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        • I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO SAY!! Some teachers I know… I’m very sorry to say this, but I just don’t understand why they decided to take up teaching as a career. I mean, you could’ve taken up ANYTHING else in this whole wide world, and you had to take up teaching only? Something you’re horrible at? Why, do you have a hobby of ruining people’s lives? It pisses me off as well!
          Ha, we have a Chemistry teacher exactly like that! Actually, we have two chem teachers – one is a very good teacher, the other one is just not a teacher, tbh. It’s like she expects us to come prepared to class with the chapter learnt by ourselves, and she’ll just come and do a brief revision and give us questions to solve…. it’s SO irritating!
          And no, I’m not happy it’s our last year… I’ve studying in this school since Nursery… spent 13 long and memorable years here ❤ … I know I'm gonna miss it BADLY when I leave… God, I already feel nostalgic :(… moving on before I start crying…
          You have exams in a week? Best of luck!
          Now look how much I ranted there….. 😛

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