Gods of Olympus Book Tag

I found this at If We Shadows Have Offended… go check her out because her blog is one of the coolest. blogs. EVER. I’m actually gonna be doing a lot of her book-tags here, now that she’s officially given me permission to do them. 😀 So here we go! (I honestly had to try my best not to answer every question with the Harry Potter series…)

Zeus: Name your favourite fictional leader, good or bad?

Tris from Divergent. She actually reminds me of myself, except with a lot less humour (although that’s not her fault, it’s how the circumstances made her) and a lot more of that Abnegation selflessness.

Hera: Who are your favourite fictional parents?

Definitely Mr. and Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter series! Here’s an example of why I love them so much:

and another one from Mr. Weasley…

and the classic one from Mrs. Weasley…

Ah, the memories… ❤

Demeter: What fictional food would you like to try?

I’m gonna try everything at Honeydukes (yum!) 😀

I mean, have a look at these…

and these….

and these, too…

and a last one…

that’s Honeydukes for u ❤

and that’s me, gobbling everything up… 😛


Aaand since I’m also a demigod, I’d love to taste some nectar and ambrosia too! 😉

Poseidon: Name a book where water is central, either in setting or plot. 


“…There’s this feeling you have on a good surfing day. It’s you and the water and the air rushing all around you. It’s the closest I get to living all the way to the edges and only a surfer knows that feeling. Everything seems endless.” I pause to think about it. My eyes close and my free hand goes out to my side as if reaching for the water. “It’s pure oblivion.”

That’s Landon Young speaking there. The hero of the book. A surfer. Enough said.

Dionysus: Which character would you most like to have a party with?

That would be be Leo from Heroes of Olympus. He’s one person who’d totally add life to a party! 😀 And maybe I could also get him to make some remote-controlled trays that could talk and serve dishes on their own! What say? 😉

And just because I love u, Valdez…

Commander Tool Belt forever! 😀

Apollo: Either name a great debut book (so an author’s first published work) or name a first book in a series you really enjoyed.

I have enjoyed all the first books in all the series that I’ve read (with the only exception probably being Fifty Shades of Grey. Even Twilight started off fairly well, to be honest) , even the ones that I had to chuck afterwards as they deteriorated. However, the one book that left me the most eager to finish the entire series then and there, would be…


…not Harry Potter, my friends, but The Lightning Thief. There’s just something in Rick Riordan’s writing style… it’ll leave you satisfied but not quite satisfied… always wanting more, never wanting it to end.

Artemis: ‘Of all the Greek goddesses, she was the most self-sufficient, living life on her own terms, comfortable both in solitude and in holding the reins of leadership.’ Who is your favourite self-sufficient female heroine?

Hermione, obviously. Can you see just how perfectly she fits the description? In fact, if I ever got a chance to visit the Hogwarts library, Hogwarts: A History would be the first book I’d read, just for her!

And obviously there’s someone else waiting to be mentioned…

Katniss Everdeen, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more self-sufficient heroine than you. Even though you felt apart a bit in Mockingjay, I’ll always admire you…

And Peeta’s right, you really don’t know the effect you can have. ❤

Aaand since I’m reading The Mortal Instruments right now, I’d also like to add one more kick-ass female character here:

“Don’t bother her, don’t try to talk to her, don’t even look at her, or I’ll fold you in half so many times you’ll look like a tiny little origami werewolf.”

Yes, that’s Isabelle Lightwood from TMI. God, Izzy, where do you get all that sassiness from? 😀

Athena: Name a character who is wise.

Professor Dumbledore.


Because, well, when we say ‘wise character’, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is the first name that pops in our mind, right? (Ok, maybe not the whole name…)

But here, too, is another name that I must mention… especially when I’m talking about wise…


Hats-off to you for being such an amazing and wise character, Gandalf! (and also for tolerating Frodo when he became so annoyingly whiny at times…)

And here’s my favourite quote from each of these two wise people…

From Dumbledore:


and from Gandalf:


Conclusion: You both rock!

Hermes: If you could travel to any fictional setting (real world or fantasy) where would you go?

Hogwarts, obviously.


although I’d happily settle for Camp Half-Blood as well…

Hephaestus: If you could have any fictional tool made (for example a weapon or a gadget), what would you want?

A time-turner, please, Lord Hephaestus! I need that object in my life, and for the same reasons that Hermione needed it…

*sigh* And there goes my plan of not using HP references for every answer…

U guys must be so fed up right now.

Ares: What is your favourite fictional battle?

The Second Titan War from The Last Olympian (sorry Danielle for using your answer, I really had no choice!)

Especially the part where Clarisse fights with the blessing of Ares surrounding her as a red aura…

And obviously that part where Percy creates his own mini-tornado while fighting… that was like EPIC COOL.

Aphrodite: What is your ultimate ship (the characters do not have to be from the same book)?

I’ll try to keep this list short here…

Percabeth from the PJO series, Harry / Hermione from the HP series, Four/Tris from the Divergent series, Katniss/Peeta from THG, Anne/Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables and obviously Elizabeth/Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

I’m actually gonna be doing a post on this soon, so stay tuned! 😉

Hades: If you could petition Hades to bring any fictional character back from the dead who would you choose?

Oh gosh, I’ve got so many! *spoilers for Allegiant, Fault in Our Stars, The Great Gatsby and Harry Potter series here* There’s Tris, Augustus, Gatsby and everyone who died from the Harry Potter world! (yes, Lord Hades… Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Dobby, James, Lily, Fred… I want ALL these people back! And don’t forget Hedwig, either!)

I’m gonna add a final question for Hestia because I’ll feel pathetic if I do a Gods of Olympus book tag without mentioning her. She’s my favourite out of them all ❤

Hestia: If book that filled you with a warm hope inside.


My first Eva Ibbotson book… I fell in love instantly… ❤

Final question(s): If you could be a God/ Goddess of anything what would you want to be and what do you think would fit your personality? These do not have to be the same.

I’d love to be the goddess of Happiness! And I think that’d suit my personality as well… 😀

And that brings us to the end of this tag. I tag: ALL of you out there! If you want to do this, feel free and go ahead, just drop a link in the comments so that I can read your answers too!

Have fun!



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