A post about a girl who loves Barbie and ice-creams…

Wait. I’m NOT that girly teenager you’re imagining in your head – the one who loves pink and only watches Barbie movies. Before you begin to judge me, at least let me tell you what happened. Those of you who read my previous post, you’d know that on Friday night, I was stuck in an almost 1-hour-long traffic jam while returning home. During this time, I made a new friend (actually I suppose ‘sister’ would be a more appropriate word now) on the bus: a 9-year-old girl named Akansha who momentarily made me forget all about my very tiring day. I was trying to get some sleep, when out of the blue this girl started talking to me. After sometime…

*insert ongoing conversation*

Me: You love writing? That’s so cool!

Akansha: Yes! I have a collection of detective stories that I write in my spare-time! And you know what, in school, no matter what topic we’re given, I always manage to turn it to a detective story! Detective stories are so cool! Have you read Sherlock Holmes? And Hercule Poirot? Aren’t they so awesome? I want to go visit 221B Baker Street when I grow up… that would be so cool!

Me: *thoroughly amused* Right. And what else do you like to do?

Akansha: Having ice-creams! Aren’t they absolutely delicious? I think I could live on ice-creams if I had to… I think I’d even love it! Oh, and there’s one more thing I love to do… can you keep a secret?

Me: Sure. What is it?

Akansha: I am obsessed with Barbie movies! They’re so beautiful! At school everyone tells me I’m too grown up for it, but I can’t help it! Do you think it’s that bad to watch Barbie movies?

Me: Well… I think if you really enjoy doing something, if that makes you happy, you should go along and do it, no matter what anyone tells you. Just like writing. In fact, you know what, I opened a blog very recently… I don’t know how well I’m doing there, but –

Akansha: Ohmygodyouhaveablogthatissocooool!!!!!!

Me: Uhh… yes..

Akansha: I have always wanted to open a blog! But… I just… isn’t it a bit intimidating? What if people don’t like you?

Me: Well, then they don’t. But if you’re good at something, I’m sure there’ll always be at least someone who’ll appreciate your work. I know you probably think I’m giving you a lecture or –

Akansha: Not at all! You’re such an awesome person! *gives a warm hug*

Me: *totally melted* You really think so?

Akansha: Of course! But can you do me a favour?

Me: What favour?

Akansha: Could you… uh, I know I’m being very silly but… um, if you don’t mind… *insert 37 more ‘uh’s and ‘um’s here* could you maybe mention me in one of your posts? If you don’t mind? I mean, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but –

Me: Are you mad? Of course I’ll do it! In fact, I’d love to!

Akansha: *with eyes really big* You’d do it? Really? You’d mention me in your blog?

Me: Of course! Heck, I’ll just write an entire post on you! Would you like that?

Akansha: ohmygod yes! Thank you so so so so much! *another hug* You’re really the best! Um, can you do something? When you’re doing that post on me, can you mention ice-creams and Barbie movies there too?

Me: Ice-creams and Barbie movies? I don’t really think they go with my blog, but I’ll be sure to fit them right in!

So, here I am, writing this post… and all of it – is for you, Akansha! I don’t know if you’ll be reading this, but if you ever do, I hope it stands up to your expectations! I don’t know how much I was able to do for you, but you… you lightened up my day, (in more ways than I thought was possible, too 😉 ) I hope this gives you the inspiration to get that blog started! I have so much to tell you… but I guess I’m just not as good with words as you are 😀 But know this, my little sis, I’ll always remember you ❤



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