This or That Book Tag

And here’s a second one – the This or That Tag! Read on!

1. Audio, ebook, or book in hand?

E-books. I love them! Although I miss the smell of the books that way…

2. Paperback or hardcover?

Paperbacks. Hardcovers, with all their strength and power, feel oddly alien. Paperbacks seem much more… friendlier, somehow.

3. Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction. I like non-fiction too, but I can’t help feeling that life has too much of it anyway.

4. Fantasy or realistic?

Depends on my mood, actually. Although I must admit, I have a bit of a soft corner for fantasy… 😛

5. Harry Potter or Twilight?

Puh-lease, I don’t know why people even ask me this. Harry Potter is like the. best. series. ever. Don’t, just don’t, compare it with something like Twilight. I’m sorry if any of u are Twilight-lovers (one of my best friends is, too. We keep arguing with each other.) It’s just that… I HATE Bella (she’s the most pathetic heroine I’ve ever seen, apart from Anastasia Steele). And I HATE Edward (because #1 He’s a sparkly vampire. Like, what kind of vampire sparkles in the sunlight? #2 He’s just too perfect to imagine as a real character and #3 He’s a stalker. He watches Bella when she’s sleeping. That is creepy, people. I, at least, don’t find it romantic AT ALL.)

Uh-oh, I guess I should stop ranting there and just move on to the next question..


6. Borrow or buy?

Borrow, since I don’t really get allowed to buy. 😦 I don’t know where in the world I’d be without e-books.. they’re my elixir for living..

7. Single or series?

Um.. it depends on the book, really. And of course, on my mood as well. There are some series which u just have to read on and on and on, right until u finish it. And then there are some series which make u feel like spitting or pulling your hair out or something like that, u get the idea. Same with single books. There are some that should totally be extended to a series or at least have a sequel. But then there are those which should never have been written in the first place.

8. Starry-eyed romance or full of action?

Too much of romance makes me gag and too much of action bores me a bit. My kind of book would contain a perfect mixture of both.

Ugh, just stop romancing already!

9.While reading: hot chocolate or latte?

I usually don’t eat/ drink anything when I’m reading – I just read. But given the choice, I’d definitely go for hot chocolate! Who says no to that? 😀

10. Read the review or decide for yourself?

Both, actually. I never, ever, comment on a book without reading it first. But then again, whether I will read the book or not depends on the description and general reviews. I really hate spoilers, though.


That’s it! I tag… thelonelybooklover, shriyabeesam and to all the boys that exist in the fictional world to do this tag. I don’t know who else to tag, but any of u who’s interested can do it as well. Send me a link! 😀

Hope u enjoyed!




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