Yay! New blog!

Hey there! 😀 So… um, to be honest I have no idea what I’m doing here, writing a blog. Never have I even thought about creating one, and if I’m doing this, the entire credit goes to 2 people – 2 of my friends, actually. One of them is a blogger herself (thelonelybooklover.wordpress.com – go check her out, she’s awesome!) and she’s inspired me quite a bit. The other friend, though… well, let’s just say that it’s her constant pestering that’s got me here. Apparently, she thinks that I can make a great blog (so if u don’t like my posts or something, u can simply ask me for her email and vent out all your frustration there.. I’ll be absolutely happy to oblige 😛 )

Anyway, as u have probably guessed from the title of my blog, I’m a crazy person. No, I’m not some madwoman from an asylum, don’t worry, I’m just someone who does what she feels like doing without bothering about anything else. However (and u have probably guessed this as well), I’m also a perfectionist, which means I usually don’t involve in stuff that’s tooo crazy, if u get what I mean. Ok, moving on to things that u DON’T know about me. I’m a teenager from India who basically just loves music and books. As for writing… well, apart from the essays and letters at school, the occasional competitions, AND my diary (a.k.a. my totally awesome best friend), I don’t really write all that much. My birthday’s on the 8th of July, and although I don’t really like the number 8 that much, I try to love it because 2+6=8, and 2 and 6 are my favourite numbers. 😀 Ok, that was totally random 😛

Anyway, this is my first attempt at a blog, and I honestly hope to do something nice with it. I must warn u, though: my mind, full as it always is, keeps throwing random thoughts at me all the time. So if u suddenly see a post dedicated to a puppy I found on the street (I love puppies, btw!) or about how vanilla ice-cream is SO much better than mango, please don’t mind! 😛



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